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Here's z gallery in progress. fav, comment,
and suggest as much as you please.
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Storm dragon by Xannador

Never done a real critique before so just bear with me. I'll just cover each of the 4 sections individually: Vision: It is obvious what...




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I've seen plenty of other donation pools around for the most random reasons, so wanting to buy one of my own prints is a good reason, right? Cause i've wanted to for some time now, but all my cash is reserved for college. I ain't begging for points, but even one point would make my day.

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Bear by Phendranaguardian
Yeah, that's mah dog. Finally took a pic I liked of her. Good thing I got her good side, and I mean that quite literally since she's literally missing the other eye.

Story behind her is we got her back in the early 2000's from a kennel in Alberta, we were told they had found a male Mountain Bernese wandering the highway, but they turned out to be wrong on both cases. Turns out she was not only female, but also a Rottweiler-husky-border collie mix breed. So sticking with the name we originally planned (Bear) we took her in anyhow.

Early years revealed she had a nasty tapeworm problem (that was fun to get rid of "shudders"), but the real trouble didn't start till about two years after when she got in a fight with a pissy black lab.  Seems that the event did something to her because ever since that day she pretty much tries to fight with and/or kill every dog she meets; we had to watch her every waking moment, having to watch other people's dog on top of our own. It's been a nightmare. The only real other dog she ever really got along with was an obese chocolate lab named Holly, who was always submissive. One time Bear did try to bite, but all she got was a mouth of blubber and a bored "what are you doing" look from Holly.

Afterwards we moved out to the west coast. Since then, Bear's been in rough shape; first glaucoma set in, forcing us to have to either put her down or remove an eye and put her on permanent medication; we chose option two. Afterwards, her ear started to act up, rarely there's ever a time where it ain't hung down below the other. In the last year her hind leg has become shot (stiff) and she's no longer able to go on walks or even climb the stairs anymore; and now at the age of 14, she's become pretty fat, has Alzheimer's, and panics whenever she's left alone. At least she's too old to fight anymore, that's all I have to say about that. Not that she can even meet with other dogs anyhow.

So yeah, it's been a tough run, most families probably would have given up by now since we're pretty much in a $3000 investment at this point, but hey, she's family and in our house that's the one bond that never breaks.

So happy 15th birthday Bear, let's make it a good one.
-Same old page layout
-Same crappy reply interface
-Same old idiots ranting on meaningless shit
-Same kind of images coming from the same groups
-Same crappy submissions of recolours, traces, bases, rants, support stamps, hate stamps, language stamps, pony stamps, oc memes, selfies, fanfiction, screen caps, etc.

And a few birthday wishes along with some nutjob ranting about who the hell knows what....4 months don't really change much eh?

This place really needs some change in the look, rules, commenting system or something, anything at all.
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
A graphic designer/digital artist in training with an eye for the strange. In other words, all robots, demons, monsters and aliens are welcome. I've currently started my second year of college as a graphic designer so I won't be able to do much around here until late spring. Though i'm still availible to talk to if you need me; whether you're a freind from the watchers list or a foe from the forums.

Alternate accounts:
PS3: bladesr4noobs
Wiki: Phendranaguardian…
Youtube: Phendranaguardian…

Just a few more things about me you need to know:
Tags: I'll do these at anytime, so just put me down on the list of tagged people, I don't mind. Though I won't tag anyone else, if you want to do it you can but most people don't like tags so i'll respect that.
Requests: Just ask and I'll see what I can do but don't expect me to always have the time. Just look at my past works and see if i'm good enough for you.
Stamps: I love to debate on them. I consider myself as a form of liberator in a way, If a stamp/comment is not up to par to what is considered the ideal morality, I give them what they deserve, which tends to vary depending on their attitude on the subject. Because when it comes to debates, I am the final boss of the internet.
Front Page: Got something negative to say? Use a note, keep it off my page.

About Stamps, just to clarify what they are:

just read this one's description Yeah, I know the irony by Phendranaguardian

They meet my low standards by HopesForFun777

I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle The Gallery Stamp by Busiris Wishful Thinking by whispwill Character Stamp by Arpie The NEW Log-out Stamp by Busiris .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot JUST TALK TO US by AleximusPrime All fav's appreciated by tRiBaLmArKiNgS Made with Photoshop by tRiBaLmArKiNgS Anti-Pairings stamp by Knuxphntm OC Stamp by ChibiGem Own Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothMan i support FULL VIEW by drawnfreak Where Did Art Go? by Chain-Of-Ashes Fucking ponies by black-cat16-stamps I support the cops. by The-BaneBlade Snakes by RainbowReptile You are normal whether you like it or not. by Little-rolling-bean Metal fan stamp by deviantStamps Ambient Music Stamp by Bearkata :thumb377678026: Like and Hate Twilight Stamp by FallenAngelAerith Photoshop CS6 Stamp by Malebeja Stamp down animated by Shayochism Stitch-stamp-1 by electr0kill Pro School Stamp by Darkest-OfTimes canada by maryduran KILLZONE: Helghast Triad Stamp by Spehi Long Descriptions by ZeroFangirl-Mu Illustrator CS6 stamp by SterlingBlaze Obama Support Stamp by Avell-Angel DQ: Diamond Territory Stamp by Chipgirl9 Two steps from Hell. by Monster-Boar Stupid Block Reason #5: UR OPINION IS HORRIBLE. by World-Hero21 Love the Miguel Plz Icon by TheYUO lambo stamp by xxCaliforniaAngelxx Eiffel-65 stamp by Dark-Scratcher I Heart Beaches by smilekeeper Stamp of Cyan by AomiArmster Palm Tree Stamp 6 by karastamps Pirates Are Better -- Stamp by RipfangDragon Stamp-PotC4-Sparrow by StarkHolmes Gantu Stamp By Goldy-Gry by Gantu-Lovers :+fav: Dreamworks by celloismistic goonies stamp by meljoy68 Jareth's Balls Stamp by TwilightProwler Trance Stamp by rustyrayz monster hunter stamp by Xeno-striker PS3 Logo by Erisember buh-nee by someth1ngw1cked Patapon 3 by Neo-The-Fox Motorstorm Pacific Rift Stamp by wilde-media Variety by Phendranaguardian

Freind list:
Top 10 (My best freinds, I've got your back no matter what you do or say. Even if it goes against my own morals. Not in order):
:iconi-s-sketchdumps: :A great freind who's skills even exceed my own. You have been one of my longest lasting freinds on DA and have shown a great amount of support for me (primarily in the patapon/bionicle folders). We share many common interests which tend to revolve around giant robots and chaotic battles. Not to mention that you are one of the few people I have succeeded in completing a request for. My only consideration is that you have more confidence in yourself and your art.

:iconoozypon: : one of the first major freinds i've had here on DA since the very beginning. I know that we haven't spoken very often, but we share our support whenever availible. Plus you're pretty much the only person who calls me Senior Phendranaguardian, which always gets me going. Keep practicing your art skills and one day you'll be the first Zigoton to reach the stars which you gaze upon.

:iconiguanagirl: aka :iconiguanateen: A real nice freind which never has anything bad or hurtfull to say and pretty much favs everything I submit. You seem to be a great RP artist and even got me to do it once (I failed). You have great characters who possess unique stories which I always like to follow. Not to mention that lately you have been following my advice and lowering the amount of base submissions, keep it up!

:iconsuppliciumdeatheater: A great guy with a real talent for making sprites and vectors alike. You have greatly helped out with the Patapon 4 enemy list and I thank you for that, not to mention all of the posative feedback you've given over the past few months. Keep up the good work!

:icondettankarmen7: A really supportive individual who speaks the freedom of expression with his new group where anyone can join. You have also been quite generous with the favs and comments in the past and have a pretty talented gallery of your own.

:iconthe-angel-d: One of my most supportive watchers. You're always one of the first to give feedback after a submission and have a unique gallery of your own featuring some very nice characters accross many fandoms. My only advise to you is to probably try experimenting with tones to give your characters some depth.

:iconrandom-akatsuki-dude: At first glance it was like looking in the mirror; we had the same hair style, the same fashion and even both called our primary OCs Experiment Alpha. And still to date i'm still confused about it, though your stories are both accurate and engaging and you also give your fair share of support for my own fanfic. Though like Iquanagirl, i'd reccomend that you stay clear of the bases, people tend to get banned for that. Keep it real.

:iconkempogirl007: Undoubtly one of the best artists i've ever known. Your patapon art looks as if it came from the game itself and your skulls are at a proffessional level. There is no doubt in my mind that you'll make it far in this world. On top of that you're a real nice person and a supportive freind. Keep up the amazing work.

:iconecl001: A unique story teller who is always up for a conversation if approached first. Though you can get quite dark in your tales, your personality always seems to be on the more posative side of things, always willing to accept even the most twisted of souls (not to mention that you're the only person who's ever given me a premium account). Your fanfics are always engaging and spot on for accuracy toward the original storyline; best vents i've ever read.

Basic Freinds (We're freinds till the end, i've got your back whenever you need it): :icon707cloud: :iconss-lightofdeath: :iconuikri: :iconsakura-petal631: :iconi-might-be-corey: :iconzerotohero108: :iconsticks9875: :iconiamsorrowflute: :iconheythere111: :iconpataponfever: :iconrhonda-petrie: :iconrilustarlight: :iconzutange: :iconeccentricninja: :iconlemonscent: :iconshrubbynerb: :iconnfreak974: :iconkelsey-kat: :iconpublicx: :iconqueendanny: :iconhankypanky68: :iconsgt-seriousweldar407:

Idols (those who don't know me, but i'd crawl at their feet for their feats. Though I've never really interacted with them, it isn't like they'd notice me anyhow. Not to mention the fear of unacceptance, so for now I just watch from the sidelines.):
:iconradoxist: :iconribera: :iconrriava: :iconviperv6: :iconrosieposie38: :iconunknownlifeform: :iconrabidleroy: :iconalohalilo: :iconsundragon83: :icon8manderz8:

And finally PG's ranking system. A system made for fun so that deviants can have extra goals to look forward to obtaining. believe it or not these are much easier to reach than you think.
Rank Chart: phendranaguardian.deviantart.c…

My current rank: LEVEL 6 (Pro)

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"i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself." 

"i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself."

you are such a piece of fuckin shit"i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself.""i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself."
"i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself."

"i'd take rape ten times over before asking for death upon myself."
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